Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

Job opportunity

This is from PG&E Human Resouces (HR) Dept:

"Several months ago, I (HR) posted an internal position for a Computer Systems Analyst Programmer. The notification email implied that the position required a superhero - cape not required.

While the position is written as an operations & maintenance position, there will be a tremendous opportunity for involvement in a major rewrite project as we consolidate, standardize and integrate (CSI) the Gas Transaction System (GTS) to a web-based application on corporate platforms. Eventually, the finished product must be maintained by PG&E employees and I'm looking for them.

I (HR) didn't receive any interested internal candidates and I have now posted that position externally. It is job number PSX45145 on the employment board. Should you have friends or family looking for an exciting career in IT at PG&E, please ask them to take a look at this posting. If they are interested, please ask them to submit an application to HR. The job is also posted on several other websites."

Contact PG&E directly for further information.
Bob Johnston
P.S. I do not know the location of this job although I suspect San Francisco Area.
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