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Jackie arrived Thursday night. Saw Wall-e. Very willing to see it again.
Rode with Sister to SLO Friday for con. Tagged Debi on way down to join us. Arrived in time for (false) fire alarm; got registered. SAW PEOPLES!! Played WoW board game, very fun. Had more fun, a Denny's moment, then sleep (6).
Sat: More games, all board or card. Oasis for lunch, Upper crust for dinner. Ran WoW board game at night, then played Order of the Stick for 2 hours between starting at 2:30 AM. Slept for ~4 hours.
Sun.: Lost City was fun, Pirate's Cove was fun as well. Auction was nifty, but left early to go to wedding for M & T. Beautiful. Very glad we got there early as we had to leave shortly after ceremony. Picked up Chris & Eric. Stopped at Debi's on way up. fell asleep in car.

Home now. :)

Can't wait to do it again next year. :)
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