Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

My away message is "Peachy, with a side of Keen"

interesting conversation :)

bunting: doom!
crinson_soul: yes
bunting: so, if keen is a +1 weapon modifier, what's peachy?
bunting: *ducks*
crinson_soul: peachy with a side of keen is int this case a Buffy reference
bunting: yes, becky, i'm well aware of that. i've used this phrase myself, if you'll remember.
crinson_soul: nope
crinson_soul: not at all
bunting: *rolls eyes*
bunting: grr
bunting: arg
crinson_soul: and the peachy modifer, in this case, gives a 75% chance of turning the person into a peach on a critical. The effect wears off after an hour, which doesn't normally help the poor peach
bunting: LMAO
crinson_soul: I take it you like?
bunting: ROFL
crinson_soul: it is a +4 mod, so it's rather expensive to attatch to a weapon
bunting: true but worth it.
bunting: get rid of an enemy, and get a tasty snack while you're at it.
crinson_soul: well.... if you want an edible peach, no matter the persons alignment, that's another +2 mod
bunting: hehe
bunting: ooh, epic
bunting: wow, this is silly
crinson_soul: lol
crinson_soul: yes, but it's a fun silly
crinson_soul: and its friday
bunting: yay friday!
crinson_soul: and we needed a laugh
bunting: well, peachy was certainly very laugh-worthy
bunting: i need a weapon that has that

but mostly only for all us crazy gamers :P
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