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Life & Everything After

Right, so my last decent meaningful update that people could see was for the bachlorette party for Debi, and that was 6/13. As I'm increadably forgetful, I'll see what I can remember from then on.

Somewhere around then the Worlds of Wonder game I'm in stopped and we switched to Star Wars. Fathers day weekend I went south to Northridge and spent time with family. Talked to cousins about life, got to see both the pregnent cousins and the unmarried ones. Saw grandpa, which is always a treat. Came home, stressed at work to get as much done as possible before Polycon, got supeana info copied at Kinko's for 2 projects. Later found out Kinko screwed up.

Found all the pieces to what I was supposed to wear at con, went to Polycon. Lesson 1 learned, I need a different bodice; when it hurts to hug people, something is wrong. Spent the first part running around helping people, found Triss and got caught up with him, found lots of people and got all the hi, how are you, in hurry grin & hug, then tried Sandstorm (interesting system, possibly interesting world, have copy, will check when blue moon occurs), RAN OVA DISCWORLDS!!!. I think its the first game in 2 years that I've actually gotten to run. Insanity is the best term I can think of for it, but people had fun, so all is good. And I got to pass out 2 copies of it (made that morning) so hopefully more people will play soon. :)

Left con & slept at home, came back in time for hospitality shift (in sugar pushing angel outfit) at 8. With a bit of begging managed to get players for people, especially for the girl whose first con it was and started with no players. Friends get trying to get me to play Ticket to Ride while I was on shift, and I dodged it fairly well every time. BESM didn't run, I think I played in Star Wars run by Kermit next. Oh right, in between that got interviewed by the people with The Fellowship of the Dice. Interesting group of people. Interviewer a bit creepy and far too much like the character he "played", but over all fun. I don't think I gave anymore Carboard Crack Queen style statements, but I'll find out later if it shows up on screen.

Kermit's game was a blast and I managed to avoid Darkside points. And I got to play with a bunch of people I don't see often. Got invited to the "wake" by the interviewer, who didn't like the no, I'm going home now answer. Home, Sleep, woke up in time for 8 moringing desk shift. Started shift, people didn't really need me there, & Warlords needed players., So they let me ditch withan hour to go. :D Then came the auction, which as always was a blast. Didn't get any of the art I wanted, but there really wasn't a chance of it with my budget. Did get the T-Shirt with alternate art and that was very nice. I now have enough shirts to wear two weeks wiithout repeating any of them. Kind of scary actually.

Helped with clean up a bit, then Triss & I went & grabbed Taco Bell and opened lots of packs of cards. Spycraft seems rather cool. Went to the con dinner, not impressed with the food, but it was great to see people one more time before next year. Jackie, I think I still have your award in my car. Had the next day off. Stopped by work on Monday made sure everything was alright, then fled. Took Triss to Ogre's Den and we got to see the people who didn't go to con, and test out Spycraft.

Yay short weeks at work. Then fourth of July. Great weekend, didn't have to travel, didn't have any hard set plans. Did a lot of gaming, watched a lot of movies, went thru the commentaries on Firefly, then went to party on the Fourth at Kermit's house. Talked to Triss, asked him to be my boyfriend again, we've started dating again. On the fifth flowers show up at work. Week takes too long. Fixed flat tire, yay for patches instead of needing an entire new one. Go up to Monterey that weekend, leave far too late on Sunday, get locked out of house.

Jynx moves in. Parents anniversery on Fiday. Kareoke at Nuclear Vinter. Alcohol was not needed but applied anyways. Wedding on Sat. Debi & Thorin. Short and very pretty. Did a lot of dancing on my own. Then we went to the hotel D&T were staying at and swan, ate rasberry lemon cake, and hung out a lot. Tori's boy brought HP6 down, started reading it when I got home. Finished HP6 Sunday, went to house warming for Mike & Taylor. So far it's been a very busy work week. Going down to parents tomorrow morning with Jackie; will hopefully see Grandpa as he was the original reason I was going to go down (90th B-day).

Well, that's the short version. I get food now.

EDITED: In a probably vain attempt to make it a bit more readable.
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