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I exist.

I'm now in Seaside. Last day of work was Thursday. Got a LOT of we don't want you to go and we'll miss yous. Picked up Triss. Packed that night & Friday. Dinner with people, then Serenity. Not cutting, so not being spoilery. Movie quotes have been floating thru my mind on a fairly regular basis since and I believe we have plans to see it again tonight. It was/is incredible. You don't need to see the T.V. series first, you don't need any backround. It just rocks. Please, if you haven't seen it, go see it in the theatre. It IS worth it in big screen. Sat was more packing, parents coming up to help me move, and random friends coming over for packing help & goodbyes. rode up with mom, didn't die nor get into a shouting match during drive. It made for a nice change. Sunday rented storage unit and dropped off U-Haul. Came back to SLO & got car. Drove back up north. Unpacked a bit, then we played X-Men Legends. Now for laundry, and errands so I can get my mail ect.

You can't take the sky from me.

Talk to y'all soon.
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