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So, went to the temp agency on Tuesday. Met the ladies who run it, and as best I can tell, made a very favorable inpression. Before I'd walked out of there they had faxed my resume to 2 different companies. 2 hours after I'd left, they called me to set up an interview with Coldwell Bankers for Wednesday. It would be everything I was doing at Earth Systems, plus required "mothering" of the 20 or so agents, and I'd be doing it pretty much alone. Job would be in Peble Beach at the first office that existed. interviewer listed the people as prima-dona and fancy formal buisness wear required. Sounds like something I could do, and do well, I'd just need to meet the people and see if I terrify them or not. Will find out about that around Monday. Got a call about 10 minutes ago from the temp agency asking if I knew anything abou the time process for the interview, then got asked if i'd like to interview at teh other place as they would like to talk to me as well. So around 2:15 today, i have an interview with Hayashi & Wayland. Hmmm, must get laundry done first. *trots off*
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