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So, my life. Week of hell, weekend in heaven, currently stuck in purgatory. Come in to work Monday, the 14th, to the message that our other office in SLO burned down. Nobody was hurt, but Corporate will be hanging out with us for a while. Spent all day running around getting emergency needs filled and attempting to calm down people who now had five neighbors instead of 2. Tuesday, wake up feeling bad, but figure they need me at work and so go any ways. More running around like chickens with heads cut off. Finally meet all of the corporate people. Interesting crowd. Go to Nemo's, feel worse, deal with REALLY stupid people, go home; sleep. Wed., have 100 plus fever, again go to work anyways. Day fairly slow, probably could have stayed home. Let boss know that I probably won't be in tommorrow. She chews me out a little for coming to work while sick, and tells me to stay home. I think I went straight home, no, never mind. Picked up Lunar book. Hello coolness. Pretty, pretty book. Thursday, felt better, still running fever. Called in sick. Spent day reading books and sleeping. Talked to Mark for a while, then went to Nemo's by way of Snake's, who was feeling really grumpy. Busy work day. Had trouble standing straight. Visited with friends anyways. Went home and baked. Friday and Chai and cake. Lots of happy smiles and busy work. Pokemon kids weren't too bad. No longer remember much of that night.

Weekend - Sat. got to come in 2 hours late (YAY SLEEP) so that I could work an 8 hour shift. Got to tease the Magic players and had my first lunch break from Nemo's. Talked to Rachel a little either Sat or Friday night, maybe both. was happy. Staff was low and lots of friends came in. And then saw Harry Potter # 2. Boing, boing, boing!!! Fear spiders and snakes, but wow was it well done. If you haven't seen it, I highly recomend it, and stay to the Very end. It's, um, fitting. ;) Sunday slept in, did a little housework, talked to a friend I haven't seen in 6 years. He still has a one track mind, but he's still nice. Played magic in UU. Got lost going to game; found game; did pretty stuff in 7th Sea and kicked butt. Good end to weekend.
Nuff for now.
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