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Job & concert

Finished my second week at the new job. It seems to be going fairly well. The real fun will come when tax season starts. :)

Sunday Triss & I went to the bridge Street School benefit concert with 3 of my new coworkers. We left Seasid around 11:00, got to the ampitheatre around 1, and found a nice spot on the already crowded lawn. Introduced Apples to Apples to them which was a big hit. Then the music started around 2. Neil Young, Los Lobos, Good Charlotte, Bright Eyes, Emmylou Harris, Jerry Lee Lewis, Norah Jones, Dave Matthew and Tim R., and ending with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

Los Lobos was kind of cool, Good Charlotte had a great sound, but normally do punk music (anyone heard of them before). Bright Eyes had a wonderful sound and orchestral feel, but very depressing lyrics. Emmylou & Jerry Lee were big crowd pleasers. I know I was singing along to the ones I knew. :) Then Norah Jones came on. Wow, what a voice. She came across as more country than I thought she was, but it was still nice. She sang for a solid hour, and had a back up singer whose voice was a perfect compliment, along with an excellent voice in her own right.

There was another short break, then Dave walks out onto the stage. Tim walks out next to him, both with guitars, and voice, and no other distractions. They played and sang, then Dave tells the audience he lost his voice the previous evening. Most of the time I couldn't tell. I just closed my eyes and listened in amazement.

When they finished, they got standing ovations from a large prtion of the crowd. Another break, this time with part of the crowd going home, then Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. They may be old, but man have they still got it. :)

The concert finished aound 9:15. All told close to 6 hours of music. Got home around 11 and am now sitting at work in my Ren Garb. Hopefully other peoples weekends went as well. :)
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