Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

This is as close to a real post as I can get...

Tax season has started. I still don't have a laptop, so I can't get online much. Working a LOT. Saturdays as well. Still liking the people I'm working with. Computer problems at work have people on edge. Got my first paycheck yesterday, and that also was nice. :)

Doing well up here. Weather is being finicky. High was in the 80s last week. We'll be lucky to see 50 this week. Very weird.

Fairly healthy, need more exercise, but I don't see that as a problem soon, mainly because work has stairs.

Haven't found many gamers in the area yet. Really starting to miss it.

Watching a lot West Wing & Buffy (yes, they clash, but in a good way ;P)

Ok, that's it. Post questions if you like, I might have time to answer.
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