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Hi. I'm just posting to let people know I'm not dead yet. Nothing has really changed in my life. Same roller coaster of joy and pain. And really sore muscles. If you couldn't tell, I'm bored and feel like rambling. Said some stuff too a pair of friends that I wish the best of luck to on Sat. I might have been drunk, or tipsy or just using it as an excuse. I said some things I regret. Not mean things I don't think. Just stuff I normally keep hidden from matched sets of people. I really hope I didn't ruin a possible friendship with one, or the existing friendship with the other.

Finally ran a serious BESM game. Pulled the entire thing from nowhere as the game went on. The players liked it enough that they want to finish the adventure at some point. I'm still a little floored by that. I didn't think anyone would want to continue a game that I ran. Saw parents & sister over weekend as well. Had lots of good food.

Now own Buffy Season 3. (bounces around room lots!) And Fruits Basket, or at least the first DVD, since that's all thats out officially anyways. Really good anime.

I'm running a D20 Modern game Monday nights, to alternate with a D&D game. Need one more person, who can be a leader/face type for a trouble shooting group. E-mail me if you're interested. It'll be my first time running an actual campaign. I'm hoping the game will get off the ground. I'd really like to try it.

I think that's enough babbling for now.
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