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Game info, ie:. More interesting than real Life

Warning : possibly incoherent rambling

So, for the past year almost, I have been in two on going games. One of 7th Sea, one of Exalted (first age). The latter of the two has ended due to lack of actual drive by players to follow any of the plot hooks offered by GM, and not creating any of our own to fill the void. Replacing that game will be an alternating D&D and D20 Modern game. I have high hopes for both (even if I am GMing one of them). 7th Sea on the other hand, just dove deeper into the fire. And we're not even saving a contry this time.

Small background: Character started as an idealistic, Montaigne (French) Noble, Rose & Cross Member (justice for everyone; maim before kill, wound before maim, talk before wound, ect...) just starting out "on her own" to save anyone in desperate need. She had three driving forces behind her decisions: Rose & Cross; her family; the welbeing of Montaigne. Fast foward about a year or two in game and her family is dead, in exile, in hiding, or unreachable for the most part. Montaigne underwent a much needed revolution, so she no longer has a home, and if she does go back it will be for a rampage the likes of which have not been seen in a hundred years. The only thing she has left is the Rose & Cross. She believes in what they stand for, but fears what she might be required to do will force her to leave it. Henceforth, she is going not so quietly mad.
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