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need to go to work to get rest

where to start....


Got confirmation from the person who actually hires people that I was going to be hired. Butterflies in stomach invite Monarchs to visit and fill up my stomach. It is so cool, and I still can't help but feel I'm not ready for the responsibility or commitment. I'll get over that pretty fast though. The position comes with a raise, benefits (after a month or so), 401K starting in summer, and lots of actually NICE people to work with. After the butterflies go away completely, I will be beyond ecstatic. And to top it all off, Introduced Bears mother to McClintock's and had an all around good time.


got to other paycheck.....still missing about 30 hours off of it. This month is going to be a little tight on the expense list. After work, on the other hand, rocked. Game session ended up being a much needed recap of WTF we'd been doing over the past 6 or 7 months in game time. Managed to be a good leader and have the people most involved in the event explain it. Even got Bits, who normally acts the fool unless he can swing a sword at the problem to JOIN IN (read pet peeve). All in all, a good turn out & end to the day.


Only two hours of work and I still almost killed my co-worker. When will the Pawn shop get somebody else who is actually competent. "Game" on Sunday was a discussion, much needed but still, about what was wrong with the game. Completely failed in getting any unbiased comments to issue from my mouth in regards to the game and the players. Ended up crying in front of EX, something that he abhorred when we were dating, and something I don't like because it shows a level of vulnerability that I don't want to acknowledge, especially not in front of HIM. Oh well. Had long conversation with him in private. Got told why I got dumped. I believe him, but still don't really understand. I know why he thinks they were good reasons, just......not a discussion I will have in public....sorry.

Once in a while I can see why Black Hole would want to just let go of everything. Good thing I HATE pain, mine or the pain I would cause to more people that I care about, and that CARE ABOUT ME. Yeah for great friends, the bane of suicidal feelings. In case I haven't told all of you recently, thanks. You're always there. I hope I can return the favor whenever possible.

Wow.....wasn't expecting to go there. They say....well I won't enforce Savage Garden lyrics on anyone. Needless to say though, To the moon and back really crystallizes what I feel at the moment, even with over half the words not being, at the moment, accurate.

should be sleeping. Night everyone. Hey Brat; I love you! and I believe that @ the time you will be in town, I'll probably be where the Saturday game is held. Roommate is out of town this coming weekend and has offered her bed and possibly her parking spot. I miss you and can't wait till you and Light come down.
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