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Never working on a Sunday again.....

It's just bad karma or something. The opener, who was supposed to be there @ 10:30 never actually showed up. Random other one of the THREE total employees shows up at 11:10 or so. We open at 11, and it takes a minmum of ten minutes to get the basics ready for opening. We already had 15 people or so waiting outside (mostly kids) and one incredibly pissed off family that decided the beach would be a better place for them since it was "obviously bad management that the store wasn't open on time ( te only other time I've known him to be late it was because his CAR broke down) and they were Personally insulted that we didn't have a buyer there (because he had a wedding to go to!!). i hope they never come back. Day was a mess, let's just leave it at that.

On another note, Amy ( my 7th Sea Character) has just discovered how close to the edge she is. And how easy it is to threaten peole and sound like you mean it when you really feal you have nothing to loose anymore. To summarize: Claudia, who has been dogging the groups footsteps better than a bloodhound and more viciusness than a starved wolf, hired some people to blow up the inn we were staying at while we were down stairs eating. 2 holes in the wall and 15 injured people later, we get everyone out of the inn. Oliver has stumbled across cluadia ( she fumbled Something) and shoots her. Crossbow man with flamy arrows who was setting off the charges shoots him. Noha gets hit with shrappnel, Nick gets shot with crossbow, Oliver stopps Claudia from throwing grenade and she blows her self up. I burn all my actions and a drama die to get him out of close range of blast...He takes three dramatic wounds, I get scratched. Claudia is dead now. Shooter ran away,b ut I tailed him, kidnapped him, interrigated him, terrifeied him and myself. And thank god, We're leaving in the morning. Bed is SO calling my name right now. See yah.
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