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Wow, time really does fly. I'm doing pretty good over all. Friends are still here, new friends are bieng made. I think I might take a leaf out of Sunshine's book at make a list, but I still wouldn't be able to say it all. I'm very glad I have friends, family, home, and work, no matter how much I might complain about , well, all of the above :). Nemo's has cut me back to Thurs, Frid only, so I finally have a weekend again.My room is bordering on neat & I have clean clothes again *happy sigh*. Now I just need to do my car *looks depressed again*. Looks like I know what I should be doing today. :P

I've been on Yahoo Messanger WAAAAY too much lately. I need to remember that sleep is occationally good, mainly because beening really sick is bad. I aslo can't wait o bring Ariella into the risyouk_rpg world. Poor girl; never seen elves or dwarfs or orcs before...... hee hee. I've been trying to convert her into D20 system, and i think I've got a pretty good idea of what her abilities would translate into.

For any of you who want to join in, or check it out, textrp is a really fun site, that you can bring anyone into (if you act to god like, bliss will kick you out, but I don't think she' done that to anyone yet). Risyouk_rpg is more structured, & definately D&D intensive. Commitment, realistically, is about one post a week. that keeps the story going and gives the other players time to respond. You can post more or less to the site however much time you want to put into it.

Another note: no way can I do this yet, but how many people would be interested in a community rpg based on 7th Sea?

One weekend from now is my sister's b-day, evil ben's b- day, and the bridal shower for a friend we grew up calling cousin. Due to time constraints (and blasted work on FRI!!!) I'll probaby only be able to make it to the bridal shower. If people are headed north to my sister's party, ben's party or both, please let me know. I have.... stuff to send up *impish grin*. Well no more being lazy *stupid car*. Off to clean.
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