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Do I look crazy to you?

So, I spend most of my life getting ignored by the general populace, except for the occasional truly weird guy, growing up on horror stories of what can happen to you if you get close to someone physically, and learning first hand how painful getting close emotionally is. By the time high school came around, I was a hermit. Yes, I had friends, no I didn't get beat up in gym, but every year my friends would graduate, and I'd have to find new ones. I enter college without knowing the first thing about human interaction, isolated in my views of the world, and a sense of fashion that would have made Tia Carrera look frumpy. When i finally learned what it was like to flirt, people would come up try and get close, and bounce off the wall I had built and somehow managed to add spikes to in the process.

I'd like to say i've gotten a little better. I think there might even be a doorway in now. Although it's probably electrified or has some other rather offensive defense mechanism on it.

I have this talk with a friend, every year. Not quite as regular as clockwork, but its come close. Every time, he's told me to loosen up and relax a bit. Maybe even go to a club in town or something. I think this is the first year I might be tempted to go.

Was at a wedding on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, even if I really only knew one table of people and as a result, felt like a long tailed cat in a room of rocking chairs. Danced a bit, talked a bit, listened a lot. Got noticed by someone who "didn't know I could dance". That made for an interesting conversation on mind verses body after the wedding was over :). Got invited to a dinner, meeting place about a block away from where the wedding took place. *hangs head* I got LOST. After about half an hour of walking around trying to find it, I gave up and drove home. Found bed at 10:30, slept till 9:30. YAY sleep!

Wow; that's a lot of babbling, and its WAAAAY past my bedtime. Night. :)
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