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Katie, sorry this took so long

Soundtrack to My Life

OPENING CREDITS: Circle Game - Joni Mitchel?
WAKING UP SCENE: Another 5 minutes -
Average-Day Scene: All I want to Do - Sheryl Crow
Driving Scene: Four Leaf Clover - Abra Moore
Best Friend Scene: You got a Friend in me -
Love-at-first-sight Scene: Angels would fall -
First Date Scene: Belle Note - Lady & the Tramp
NOSTALGIC SCENES: Big Yellow Taxi - Amy Grant
BITTER/ANGER SCENES: Bad Reputation - Halfcocked
MAD AT FRIENDS SCENES: Torn - Natalie Imbrulia
BREAKUP SCENES: Goodbye to you - Michelle Branch
Get-back-together scene: Stuck on you -
REGRET SCENE: Bittersweet Symphony - Verve Pipe
NIGHTCLUB/BAR SCENES: Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson
FIGHT/ACTION SCENES: Highlander Theme music -
SAD/BREAKDOWN SCENES: Unwell - Matchbox 20
SCARY SCENES: Gregorian Chanting (not sure which ones)
DEATH SCENES: Bring Me To Life - Evanescence
FUNERAL SCENES: Soul - Matchbox 20
CHEER UP SCENES: Just Keep Swimming - Finding Nemo :P
MELLOW SCENES: Sunshine - John Denver
DREAM ABOUT SOMEONE SCENES: When you Dream - Bare Naked Ladies
FALLING IN LOVE SCENE: Nobody Needs to Know Right Now - Shania Twain
SEX SCENES: Body is a Wonderland - John Mayer
PONDER/CONTEMPLATION SCENES: Spirited Away music, anything but the last song
CHASE/HURRY SCENES: Runaway Train - Soul Train
HAPPY LOVE SCENES: So High - Tal Bachman
HAPPY FRIENDS SCENES: You've got a Friend - Carole King
CLOSING CREDITS: My Beloved Monster & Me - Eels
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