Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

Silly stuff first

You should be dating a Gemini
21 May - 20 June
This mate is inquisitive, entertaining and
charming, liberal, broad-minded and youthful.
Though Gemini has a tendency to be impatient,
gossipy and sometimes irritable, this twin has
the ability to expresses his or her pent up
emotions during sex!

What Zodiac Sign Are You Attracted To?
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OK - life, yeah.... sigh. Let's start with the fun bits first, shall we?

Games - I'm now in games (tabletop RPGs) monday through Friday after work. It's fun, and i look foward to it, but i can see exhastion looming. Not that i would be happy any other way :)
Monday - Alternating games; Me running a BEAM Western style that has ended up with far more of a Trigun feel than i was intending, but fun none the less; D&D run by ferret, which we'll be switching over our characters to 3.5 soon.
Tuesday - Oriental Adventures - I get to play a 16 year old peasent/shaman who got sold to a female samari of a minor clan, then our clan got wiped out, and we are now searching for the tomb of Ichiban, or rather, all of its seals.
Wednesday - Alernating games; Changling I play a paladin/beast saytar knight of house Fionna with a 7 willpower, for any of you who know, it's based off of Amy. Yes, THAT Amy ;) Sorcorers Crusade hasn't really started yet, but I made the character after watching Read or Die, so she has quite a bit of Yomiko in her.
Thursday - Trinity, telepath, detective, redhead. Went throught the Ministry for training and still managed to come out Jewish. Raise your hands if you know that is actually an a)impressive feat for that world or b) why I would insist it for my character. Ahh yes, 50% hands visible. Cool :D
Friday - Spycraft, am playing a leader type. Wish my team luck, with me in charge, they'll NEED it.

And now, the bad thing - Went to the dentist after avoiding it for close to 6 years. Final result - 4 teeth to be pulled (wisdom), one root canal, one crown, and more fillings than i want to think about. I go to see the oral surgeon for an estimat on the teeth being pulled on Thursday, but everything else comes to about 6 grand in dental work. *shudder* Olive, please don't ras me too much on the topic, I'm already doing so to myself.

It's way past bed time now. Good night
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