Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

I think I'm more of a loon than I thought....

Down to the last 50 or so people on the Read or Die search. Found a lot of people i wouldn't have otherwise. Not sure, but I might have scared at least one person on another continent. I did a standard subdual sneak attack out of left field through AIM. We ended up talking for about an hour or so. From my side, it sounded to me like i was interrigating him on Roleplaying things about his life. I hope that's not how he saw it, but oh well.

For anyone reading this who likes Harry Potter, there is an IRC game of it going on at . It looks really well done. Check it out . Time setting is about a year after Harry graduates from school, and it looks to be mainly set in Hogwarts.

I think I'm giving up on the concept of boyfriends. It doesn't seem to be working out at all, not really with any of the ones I've had. Sometimes i wish i could have a casual relationship, but then i remember that I'm me and such concepts as casual never enter into my mind.

There is this kind of cute dog that lives across the street. It's maybe a foot tall, and LOVES running in the street. So I have now almost run it over 3 times. I really wish the owners would figure out how it's getting out and secure the area. And becasue i can't see it, I have to wiat for it to get far enough away that I KNOW it won't be run over, and anytime it disappears from view, I stop moving. Ton of fun, no?

I have a new sister. No, my mom is not pregnent or anything, I just pulled another my adoptions across contry. I get to be another person's big sister, and I can't wait. Livejournal is so great for things like that.

Saw the Oral Surgeon on Thursday, and in about 6 weeks, I'll get my wisdom teeth pulled; all four of them. They couldn't find my pulse. I guess i really am part of the walking dead ;).
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