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Random thoughts about my life NOW.....

First though: Yay for happy life!

Job starts on the 16th as a non temp job, month and a half later I will get benefits and no longer pay more than my rent in health costs per month. Got a lot done in Pawn Shop and I might get my missing checks now that I have gotten off my lazy butt and turned in an "explanation" of what I think happened. Still really curious as to how they got the dates that they did. Told P.S. to just forget about it and told that they couldn't. Probably a good thing. I was being really silly anyways. Am actually content, I think.... Can't think of major problems going on in life that I have any control over anymore, so I've decided to stop worrying so much about them. Other good news, Answering Machine finally has name on it (bounce, bounce, bounce).

Was going to rant about stupid Pokemon Players, but they aren't worth the time I'd have to invest to do the subject justice.

Visit with sister was wonderful, friends are wonderful, city visited wasn't, and I have unfortunately discovered that boats and I do NOT mix. I did not think it was actually possible to get sea sick while still at dock on a clear, calm day, but I managed it.

Dinner was a small piece of heaven. Saw friends I hadn't seen in a while, and B.H. came up just for dinner. I think he even got there first :}.

Figured out that I can't kiss anyone I don't truly care about. Means I'll probably be lonely for a rather long time as one of the two people I care enough about dumped me and the other is not only unavailable anymore (to the best of my knowledge) but also the subject of my rebound feelings. Given that I know how awful it is to be the subject of a rebound, I'll be damned if I'll inflict the pain that comes with it on anyone else.

OK - that was more random than I thought it would be. Se la Vi, so Des Kah, and Bye
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