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So, mom has a new puppy, golden retriever, 6 weeks old, named Ajax. My sister is sick *crossing my fingers for her*. Bonnie has moved in, still don't see much of her. Rachel & Jackie (hopefully) will be crashing at my house Saturday for a game, which I am now in because Bonnie's schedule changed. I get all four wisdom teeth pulled on the third of October. I saw Phantom of the Opera, in San Francisco, and it was amazing. I had a boyfriend, now I don't, and I need to see if he can stay at Jason's or someone's place for the game on Sat, as my house is full. Games are going well.

Today was / is my one year anniversary for the place I work, plus the three mounth gestation period. Woot on being 1 year old. I think I'm happy. I'm not sure I can tell anymore.

My cousin is getting married again Trying to think of what else has gone on in my life over the past, what is it, 2 months now? I've traveled north, I've traveled south. I got a cell phone. The house is mostly clean at the moment, no, my room is not part of the house, deal with it. Still planning on cleaning out my car at some point. I've had a lot of weird conversations with people online lately. Especially in Austrailia. JD forgot to pick up the chocolate; if he's still in town Mark should tell me. Online games in a a semi stall at the moment. I think I'm just giving up on textrp, although I still recommend it as a great place to start. Ravendale is finally about to leave the city, Risk is about to leave to woods. Can't g into Lenox, sorry. Want to try Owi_world, but the site manager hasn't gotten back to me bout the concept I showed him.

The Read or Die interest search has spun out of control. It had 256 names when I first started, now, at last check had 311. I'm still going to try to reach the end; I'm glad I found some of the people I found. Oops, time to get back to work. Take care, and Keep smiling

This memo brought to you by Shi-R, Acting computer in Paranoia
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