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*scowls roundly at LJ & my home computer, for between the two of them, they ate my update 3 times*

Henceforth, this is gonna be short

Week ago Sat - Best Larp I've ever been in, survived, and now have joint control over the Guild, and family ties to Terra and the Reavers (or Children)

Sun - lazy day, can't remember anything specific

Mon - Co-worker out sick, went to D&D game, died in D&D game, played Magic

Tues - Coworker still out sick, went to game, game moves to Mondays, play Settlers, Kicked butt :P

Wed - Chicken with Head cut off syndrome activated, bosses going away for 2 weeks, and want everything done before then. Game went really well, plot happened, crashed on couch (I think)

Thurs - left work earliy to try & get stuff done, didn't get any of it doen, crashed at house, had long talk with Bonnie, went to game, passed on message, got misinturpreted, watched game happen, played a little, went home

Fri - Was able to sit for Maybe 10 minutes during work, went to game, had long planning session that did us no good whatsoever, game ran late, went home & crashed hard

Sat - Phone call woke me up, finished REaper Man, got call from Jynx, went over, watched him & Tris play mvre Dynasty Warriors while I sorted Magic cards, left, drove to LA, talked with Grandpa, met Ajax, played Cribbage (YAY for Cribbage), watched Spirited Away with parents, remembered why I don't watch movies with parents, slept

Sun - Ajax almost made me at to the bridal shower; he was whining at the door, so I had to pick him up, Bridal shower was a bridal shower, couldn't talk to most of the people, stayed after to help clean up and talk to family. Drove home with a stop in Buellton to watch the sun go down from the safety of a parking lot. Got home, called mom, called Aunt, returned Mark's call. Called Tris's house, Jynx was home, went over to play Magic, had long conversation, mainly about math, went home happy.

Mon - freakin woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep, so I went in to work early, shocking just about everyone there. Slightly hectic day, went home, called friend, went to friend's house, taked a lot, walked 30 feet to game, game now moved to Sundays, we went walking downtown for Icecream, came back & played Settlers, died horribly, went home, tried posting several times, crashed computer, went to bed after my mind finally stopped screaming at me.

That's it.
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