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Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

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ok - minicon was nice, if really small. Didn't get to run my gage, but I played in Kurt's diceless & had a ton of fun with it. Really wish my car hadn't eaten the bottle I bought for Ray, but I'm sure it will show back up eventually. Left con early to go home & get ready for Rust. I had fun, and now my legs are SCREAMING at me anytime I go up or down stairs. Apparently people think I can dance, and were very surprised to find out said info. It was nice to loose myself in the music, ignore the world and just dance for myself. I miss doing that... Saw a lot of people I knew, got hit on by a few I didn't, felt... nice. It's rather vindicating to have a stranger come up & say hey, you're beautiful.
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