Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

So I leave town around 8, discovering that I have managed to lock my Driver's Lisence, Credit Card, and ATM card still at work. Oh, and no cash at the moment. So I drove down slower than normal, just in case. Got home around 11:30. Puppy has grown a lot, and remembered me, unlike the other dog there. ended up sleeping on the couch after arguing with my parents computer about net access (and loosing). 5:00 AM mom almost sits on me as she comes downstairs to keep the puppy quiet. 12:00 we leave to go pick up Dad at UCLA, and then drive to Orange County for the funeral at 2:00. The room we were in held about 40 people, and there ended up bieng about 30 more waiting outside the door to pay respect and homage to Uncle Fred. Some of whom didn't even know him, but as funerals are there for the comfert of the living, not the dead, that was alright too. I gave my seat to someone who wouldn't be able to stand through it, and so didn't hear the service itself, but it gave me a chance to say "goodbye" in my own way. Dad had a lot of trouble remaining "strong"; He'd known Fred for 35 years. Sharon and Christine were both emotional wrecks, but I don't think it hit Danelle that her father wasn't coming back until she put dirt on the grave. I wish I could have been there more for them, but I felt like an outsider in spite closeness of our families. They had a reception at teir house afterwards, then a service at 7. We stayed through all of it. It was good to gte closure of a sort. got back to parents house around 9, was asleep by 10. Left the next morning at 10 and got back in town around 2.
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