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Sister came down for a visit. She wanted to surprise me but I got told that she was coming by mutual friends. Sorry sis.

Yesterday was mildly crazy. Work was it's plesently hectic self. Got home. Went on the household "let's discuss all our problems" dinner. Instead of cooking, we decided to eat out. Went to Japanese. On the way there, got hit by a car going 5 mph, the same as us. Completely their fault. Lady in car behind them offered to be a witness. No noticible damage to either car, exchanged info anyways. Good roomate. Japanese food was wonderful. Their first time at a real Japanese (Americanized or other) restaurant. Sat in the no shoes allowed room. After dinner we went to the Sycamore Hot springs. Also their first time. Only downside of it was it was foggy; no stars. Got home saw sister. Almost fell asleep talking to sister.

Was really stupid in how I slept and am currently sore all over. It's really scary to wake up with a numb hand.
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