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Why I might join Gnat....

I turned 25 today. A bunch of things happened. Let's start in the beginning, if I can remember it all.

Went to sleep at around 2 after actually talking to people. rating - Good
Woke up at 8:30, an hour of sleeping in, an hour less than I wanted - rating passible
Got lost trying to find Dentist - Annoying
Dentist appointment - Frustrating
Lunch with friend I hadn't seen since before September - Delightful
Run around trying to find X-ray - Aggravating
Go home and attempt sleep - Impossible
Phone calls, several - nice
Getting picked up for dinner with friends - good
Locking keys & phone in house - ......
Dinner - good
Finding out one roomate is in Tahoe till Sunday - major headache
Failing to find second roomate at all - death wish on memory started

Having lots of friends willing to let me crash at their houses - priceless

Ok, so over all birthday sucked, but its realy nice to know I have such great friends.

Time to go sleep to hopefully have fun at minicon tomorrow.
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