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Sat- got off of work. Walked around a bit. Went into pet store and got to hold kittens until they closed. Read a book until around 6 and then hung out at friends house until midnight or so. Played Mystic Cross again. Forgot how good it was to play a simple (relativly speaking) game. Have a sudden craving to play Magic again, preferably with someone intelligent. Lost my Angel deck, will have to rebuild it, or make (gasp, shudder) a new deck.

Sunday - YAY FOR SLEEP!!!!!! got almost 12 hours,almost enough to make up for only getteing like 1 or 2 the night before. The 2 hours of work were more stressful than the 6 hours of the previous day. Lots of customers; lots of phone calls; and one lady in particular who managed to chew me out for being helpful while we were REALLY busy. On the plus side, game was great. My characters about to lose it probably, but it's still really fun.

Lunch time... be back (hopefully today)
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