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Something I so don't have. Even After waiting a couple of days and realizing which parts were me being a total grouch, Satan's Pawn Shop still bites and Silent Partner should by me lunch to make up for it. Here's the account, as unbiased as I can make it....

Friday - Get up. Take cakes too work. See last entry for results. Leave Job 1. Go to job 2. Find out that New Closer just got fired (as far as being a closer goes) because he closed incorrectly and hen fainted while being yelled at for it. Now there is nobody who can close on Mondays. They havn't tried asking me yet. Ithink I'll laugh in their face if they do. At store are joel, Hank, and the new kid, Allen. Don't remember exactly what happened, but the store was really busy for the first hour plus that I was there. Didn't havc time to count in my drawer so I offered to be on Joel's for the day so he wouldn't have to close it. See joel grin. Pokemoner's started showing up, including the one who gets under my skin just by being there. hank counts out his drawer and goes home. Store gets even busier. Joel clocks out and goes home, also without entioning anything special. Allen, who has as much personality as a granite rock (no offence ment to the rock) has focused on a task and is ignoring customers unless I remind him that they are there. He probably won't last long. Pokemoners manage to avoid most of my wrath for once, and leave. Sllen @ 8:20, starts counting out. At 8:45/8:50, he realizes his drawer is short more than the total sales of the day. Given that Hank, who was on the same register, didn't mention any problems, I figured he had miscalculated badly somewhere. We called joel and Ray and let Ray know (Joel didn't answer) that the drawer was short. Then proceeded to count out his drawer for him in an attempt to figure out what happened. Besides a one dollar counting error, I couldn'tfault his work. So, at 9:20, ten minutes before I was supposed to go home, I figured out that the register had not been zeroed out from the previous days sales. Both hank and joel (I dodn't think one of my shift buttons is working by the way) must have known about it, and neither one said anything.

OK I'm upset again. I'll write more when I've calmed back down.
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