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LJ friend stats
LJ Username
LJ friend who likes you the most lirillith
LJ friend who wants to meet you meiran
LJ friend who has a crush on you entelechy77
LJ friend who looks up to you wolf_of_mibu
LJ friend who you should get to know better bzial
Percentage of LJ friends who actually read your entries - 29%
This cool quiz by waywardpixie - Taken 45352 Times.
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Your LJ Soap Opera
LJ Username
Your spouse: neo_tanuki
They'll have an affair with: issaferret
You'll have a retaliatory affair with: lysanderfoxfire
Your rival: mokushiroku
Who will try to kill you? cynddylan
Chance you'll survive till the end: - 61%
This cool quiz by sarcastro - Taken 35272 Times.
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