Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

Quick summary of weekend;
Thursday - raided Goodwill for clothes
Friday - dressed like schoolgirl, showed off outfit & wings to work, dropped wings back to home, went to Polycon. Saw lots of old friends, made a pest of myself (of course), got Gen con rep to sign up for CoC game, rand BESM - game went very well, they were all Tokyo Superheros, trying to "save the day"; left con to pick up food, forgot to come back to con. Went to bed about 10
Sat - 1 AM out of towners arrive & I'd forgotten to unlock door, 3 AM housemates come home, 5 AM housemate goes to work, 7 AM alarm goes off. Shower, dress (mmm black vinal pants with white angel wings)go to con, play Lord of the Rings board game, start hospitality shift (making sure people at con are having fun, helping players find rooms, helping GMs find players, and selling candy "door to door" at the con), got to play Evernight run by Melinda, wrote on my sign up sheetwhich room I was in, only one person signed up for my game (YAY! no running Magic for me!) so I got to play in the wonderful game. Starship command was fun, babysat a pair of bunnies, Rachel's In Nomine game (evil sock puppets - fear) then home, more sleep
Sunday - Got in, ran BESM again, fantasy this time, turned out far more silly than I was hoping for, but it is BESM after all. Then came Fueng Shui. mmmmm, I really love playing in games like that, I kicked butt, without bothering with the namess, got most of my clothes battle damaged off, and was awarded a cold bitch fortune die for for killing a named bad guy with a kick to the crotch and then taking his coat when he asked me why. We won; not bad for my first time playing in that system. Sat at the front desk in the lobby to help someone with something, and the deadlands Larp GM walked by, pointed to me and said "and there is a person playing the piano...." So I got drafted into the LARP as an NPC, which was a blast. Got turned into a zombie and it took the players 40 minutes to notice. Crashed on couch in massage room
Monday - Went around to the dealers, picked up something from almost everyone, uction rockedbadge 0 went fr 400 dollars, and there were a bunch of beanbags for sale that people just love. Cleanup, more playing with bunnies, then home, nap, friends house, then after con dinner, this year at Apple Farm. During dessert the Con Men (Jef & Mike) pulled out a stack of awards for silly things poeple did during con. Eric got best underhanded Wyvern throw, Jackie got worst mental image ever (proptly topped by a comment of Melinda's), Rachel got How on earth did you make sock puppets evil?, and I got Best Sugar Pushing Angel :D. Then back to friends house, get massage, play lunch money, watch anime, crash.

mmmm, weekend was good :)
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