Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow


Minicon was fun. Got a majority of the gamer gnomes in my party, and before they stopped playing total idiots I had to "go for a walk" to prevent killing the Players. Granted, I kind of asked for those players, what with me running BESM and wearing an outfit that was as close to Japanese school girl as I could get (even if it was in all black). I did get thanked by the players for a good game, and by others who were running games in the slot for taking the gnomes out of the running for their games. Yay me. Missed seeing some people who I thought would show up. I can understand why they missed though. They had a game. I just wish they all could have stopped by and said hi. I think they would have enjoyed interacting with other people. Over all, the con was pretty good.

Starting next week ( if he doesn't get fired before then) the new kid at SP will be taking over my Sunday shift. Oh my god, I might actually have a full day off. *please* let him not get fired.

Game tonight with new person. Looking foward to game with more than one girl in it again. I hope she shows up.

Elaina got officailly hired today, although she'll be doing the paperwork tomorrow. Grant me the paticence I'm gonna need to not go crazy when she starts telling me yet again about her perfect boyfriend and her not so perfect life. It wouldn't be nearly as bad if she could take a hint, or even the direct request and be quiet when I NEED to work. We're not even in the same room. She gets up and hangs out in the door and talks at me. grr. Course, I'm probably only really complaining about this because she's better than me in everything that I can think of, and realisticly the only truly annoying thing about this job. DEEP BREATH. I'll live. If this is the biggest problem I continue to have with this job, I'll be very happy.

I think Ariella needs to have a private discussion with Oliver, Quentin, and even Nick. I'll also need to read my Society book and then have a talk with my Domoni and the GM. She can't go home right now, no matter what. She can't do any good there.

I'm having one of these days...

Yay world.

I'm so done

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