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Wheeee. Mistchief Managed.

Right, because I'd actually forgotten that I can't post anything political without getting a storm of people responding. Which is good; it means that people care.

But, to clarify my previous post, I liked the banner. I personally feel that discriminating marriages by gender is on par with discriminating by race, religion, and color. The fact that it starts out as a letter to Bush is in my mind irrelevant. I can not claim to be political, and if I was intending at this time to bash Bush over it; I would have used a more obvious icon.

I feel that the constitution should not be used to discriminate by gender. Marriage is undefined at the moment according to the constitution (to the best of my knowledge) and there really shouldn't be a move to change it. Doing so would cross a line into the government dealing with religion, something that above all else should NOT happen.

I don't like Bush. However, I have not followed politics closely enough to have an intelligent & informed argument as to why, so I will not be overseeing any such arguments here at this time.

Love is love. And just because the majority of the people are frightened by the implications of gay/lesbian marriages, doesn'tt make it ok to take away the right for them to exist.

At one time the majority of the United States said slavery was ok. I'd rather not fight a Civil War over such a nebulous concept as love. Somehow I think the borders would be a little less clearly defined.
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