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I know I haven't been on much, and I apologize, but life is being a bit hectic at the moment.  LARP on Sat went very well, no major complaints that I've heard.  Next big thing is the move, not that I know for sure to where, or even when.  We're looking at a place, but the landlord wants us to move in the first of October, and hasn't gotten back to us about it at all.  Work is going crazy, with a lot of stuff to do and almost no interest in getting it done.

On the plus side, I'm getting to play a character I never thought I'd be able to again.  My first longterm character, Sarah Snide aka The Cinder, is now adventuring again on Tuesday nights.    First session was last night; me searching out my friends, and trying to get them together (complete with 2 unexpected guests).  Yeah, this'll be fun :D.

Note to self: Still need to send Clay the game description from Rae's FF one shot.

I'm reading the Otherland books by Tad Williams at the moment.  Very good, rather screwed up.  The first book especially had moments where the imagry was so vivid that I'd have to put the book down and curl up around a teddy bear till the images went away.

I haven't had time to read LJ since getting back from vacation, ohh 2 plus weeks ago at this point.  Hopefully I'll be able to make time to get caught p before the task is completely hopeless.

Grr, work time.  Take care everyone.


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