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Fun with Fans

or, how I arrived at work to find all doors open and Sara in ny "room" with a wet vac.

Confused yet? So was I. Apparently one of the fire line pipes broke in between everyone going home yesterday and 6 this morning. About 20,000 gallons of water left the pipe and ended up in the building and lab and under the foundations. The reason we know that much water flooded our place is because we use a tank, and it was EMPTY when Mike checked it this morning. So I walked in this morning and the place smelled a little funny. I get inside and I can't see what's wrong until I turn the corner into my "room" and see Sara in it with a wetvac. About 30 seconds of disbelief later, I go around the office getting Starbucks orders, as working with a wet vac going is impossible. 3/4s of the way back from
Starbucks, I get a call from Margaret asking if I had bagels and cream cheese as well. So I drop off the drinks, then head back and get bagels. I actually start work at 10 to 9, and it's helping pull wet boxes out of the supply closet and figuring out what is still good and what's not. Now I have 2 fans going in my room trying to dry out the carpet. one of the two desks in the room is covered with all the papers that were in the supply closet that are still useable (which was a surprisingly large amount, 90-95%); about as tall as I am standing on the desk next to them. I'm just glad it's not raining today. :)
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