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My 2 cents

I'm proud that California sent a record number of people to the polls. I'm glad that 6 other states had record turnouts. I am dissapointed that Bush was the one who one, not because I think Kerry is a saint, or tells the truth, or would stop the war. Bush holds views about my freedom and the freedoms that should be allowed to friends and strangers across the nation that I feel very uncomfertable with. I'm far more upset that every single one of the same sex marriage bans passed. I think that people who want to move to Canada just because Bush won are quite frankly insane. The thought of the strongly Republican government (House, Senate, and President) frightens me. Republicans however, are not the root to all evil, nor are they horrible people. To quote MiB "A person is smart. People are dumb, stupid, panicy animals and you know it." I guess I don't have problems with individuals, just the overriding philosophy that they are following.

Meiran makes good points, and is far more informed than me.

The world is still here. And unless the war/wars escalate to WW3, it will still be here in 4 years. The only true way to safeguard our country, whichever way you'd like it to go, is to pay attention to what is Happening, and care.

And now work is getting insistant that I pay attention to it.
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