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Okay. I'm here. I'm alive. Work is boring and kicking my ass at the same time. Weekend was one of the best I've had in a very long time.Went north Friday and spent a few hours with Heather, Scott, & crew. Watched Kill Dr. Lucky and played Lunch Money and one round of Double blind D&D. Then Rae and I went to another friends house (Mike & Patti) and drank in the New year. Then Rae and I called around wishing people happy New Year, and made Mike's head explode trying to guess which of us was on the phone at any one time. Sat was bright and sunny, so we stayed inside........ *shrugs* Then we went running around getting food for a marathoin of Last Exile (very pretty) at Evil Ben's. 2 Am go home, fall asleep after fun conversation that neither of us remember clearly the next morning. Sunday - late start, sister comes down, we all go shopping in mall for buisness atire. Then dinner with more friends, a couple of games of a train game, and Jackie heads home. Early bed (only 30 minutes later than "bedtime" as opposed to 2 hours. Wake up, go for walk (cold, cold, cold... stupid short sleeves) eat lunch at Rae's house, watch Fruits basket, see Will & Kara. Get lost trying to find Tapioca Express, find it. Call Tris as I still have trenchcoat in trunck. Get directions to his place. Mom calls asking if I'm home same yet, is very surprised that I haven't even left Fremont yet. Have lots of fun in traffic, find Tris's place. Return jacket, get fed, heart filled with happiness. Mapquest directions to get back to 101 leads me to flodded road. find right road, get home. Time stamp 11:15. Give Jynx Tapica thingy, get tld I'm a wonderful person. :D 11:35, get Home, crawl upstairs, fall over asleep.

wheeeee. update complete.
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