Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

Friday - Had dinner with Matt, got home, talked a bunch, watched a bit of Monk, took long shower, had long talk with Tris, went to sleep.

Sat - Woke up early, read book, went to minicon, Paid for enterance (only the second time that's happened), played Gabrielle in Pulp Adventures (YAY Gabi!) took out lots of mooks, then in big boss fight knocked myself out (the only hit I took the entire game btw), started up a train game, parents arrived, went to Tahoe Joes, went to Borders while waiting for Tahoe Joes, had really tasty food, & b-day cheesecake, went back to con, started feeling icky, went home, failed to fall asleep.

Sun - Look I'm now 26! An entire fun filled day in front of me and what do I do? Stay in bed. Because trying to make it down the stairs for an orange was hard. Got lots of calls (thank you everyone), missed John's party (which I really wanted to go to so I could see everyone who was out of town), started trying to Sleep at 4, at around 7 got up to take more meds, almost passed out in bathroom, got back to bed, tossed and turned most of the night.

Mon - Woke up feeling a bit better, called in sick anyways, slept, read, played .hack, and watched movie. went to bed early with 2 niquil (twice what I normally take, still only a full dose), crashed at 10, woke at 6 feeling much better. Now I'm at work. YAY!
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