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We can now see the floor downstairs in my house! :) We spent a couple hours getting stuff out of corners and put away, sometimes back in the corners, but now we know where they are. I scrubbed the stove. Bear's mom would probably kill me. I used a scour pad and simple green. Organized my books. Bear, did I ever give you back book 1? I now know how many of my books are missing, and that I need another bookcase or something. Went shopping yesterday; spent WAY too much on stuff, but found sister's present. It is but the first of many. Bwahahahahaha.

Will be taking around an order sheet for frozen cookie dough and other need to be baked goods. See if any friends want some. Unfortunatley, treats will not arrive before Thanksgiving, and henceforth, Hannukkah. Darn it, no cheating for me. pout. Going down for entire weekend with family. Will pay dearly for it during Christmas at work.
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