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Must share the silly

Y!M Conversation. No further words are needed.

bunting: Never fear! Pantsman is here!
bunting: *lands impressively*
bunting: How can I assist, citizen?
crinson_soul: *twitch*
bunting: *gasp* A twitch! Something is clearly disturbing you! Do you require saving?
bunting: I saw the Pants-Signal! Something is clearly wrong!
crinson_soul: alright; who gave you sugar?
bunting: *under breath* (pleeeeease let this be the right place this time...)
crinson_soul: was it monkeys? Some terrible space monkeys?
bunting: The Space Monkeys have returned?!?!
bunting: This is dire news, indeed...
bunting: Pantsman will need to gather his allies for this terrible battle
bunting: I must away!
bunting: *vanishes in puff of smoke!*
crinson_soul: *Stares dumfounded*
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