Psylocke's Shadow (crimson_soul) wrote,
Psylocke's Shadow

Weekend and actual update

Hello world. I think I'm ready to join you again.

Friday I left SLO around 6:30 after a search for my Ren guarb and a nice outfit for Sedar Sat night. 10 minutes outside of town I got a call from A and had a fun conversation with her (though short; silly girl not likeing talking to a driver), then called Tris and talked for a wonderful hour with him. Got to Santa Barbara, met up with Krysta & we both talked and ate thru yawns. Left her place, got to parents home safely around 11:30. Stayed up and tried on the plethera of skirts my sister had brought for faire. Jack laced me up fully. Nice figure, liked breathing more though. Sat, helped mom & dad out in front with a garage sale setup then showered & got garbed up for faire. I think I did more to get people to stop in garb then I did with setup. ;) An hour or so later we left for faire (Jackie, Jack, and I) We listened to the Belles of Bedlam the entire way there (1.5 runs thru the CD). Arrival, gearing up,yay for dagger, even if it is made in China with a French design. Went with Jackie & Jack to pass gate, and ended up paying there, which was very nice of her. Faire grounds are BIG down south. Twice the size of the one in SLO. Jack reognized someone every 7 booths or so. I got to meet Willie, Jack's brother by choice who plays William Shakespere, Willie Banger (with the Belles), and has a clan name that starts with Willie also. He took us to the Belle's stage and we listened to the last half of that show. Wonderful stuff. Then we wandered around sme more, watched William Shakespereon stage. I picked up a new pouch, this one with Celtic knots on it. I might end up period accurate, but there is no way I'll end up any specific country. Then came first alcohol of the day, and Testaclies and the Sack of Rome. Waay too funny to watch in a bodice. And the guy across the way looked very familiar, but I never found out if he actually was. Then came more wandering, another Belles performance, food, and Queen's show, Axe booth, watched William S. break the queen. Twice. Wandered more, the four of us. Then sunburn hit, coinciding with when Jackie and I had to leave anyway for Sedar in Orange County. Changing in the car was a trip. Sedar was nice, if a bit eclectic. Soup was wonderful, but my tounge is still burned from it. Rode home with parents, fell asleep within an hour of getting home. Sunday went food shopping with mom, then saw Granpa & Vivian for an hour, then David & Fredda for a bit, then headed back up north and got home. Game an hour late, introduce Belles to this crowd, though I don't think most of them were in the right mind frame for it, then home & sleep.

It was a very nice weekend. :)
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